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Your Complete Streaming Media Solution

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Awestruck Streaming is your complete streaming media advertising partner, offering full-service, programmatic campaign management for OTT, connected tv, streaming audio, display and digital out of home.



Prepare to be Awestruck with our partnership. Our fundamentals offer every advantage to the advertiser.

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With open source access to any and all content environments, Awestruck Streaming represents the largest audience reach opportunity available in OTT. Our dsp-based programmatic inventory sourcing is the only way to gain access to the full-breadth of available audience.

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Our industry-leading identity management platform partners with the world’s largest data providers to identify audience based on location, demographics, lifestyle, interests, financial profile, web activity and more. In addition, our DataGenius technology allows us to identify targets by their real-life actions, including visits to your website and physical visits to competitive locations.

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Awestruck Streaming is proudly independent – which is why we’re able to tout our audience-first, content-agnostic approach to OTT success. Our campaigns are guided by the real-time media choices your audience makes and not forced into predetermined content based on back-room deals.

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OTT vendors come in many shapes and sizes. Open source inventory acquisition is the only way to assure maximize household reach and the most efficient pricing model.

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