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The streaming revolution

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OTT, and specifically Connected TV, is truly an advertiser’s dream. It’s the perfect combination of the unmatched branding and emotion-evoking power of television advertising, with the incredible precision that digital, data-based targeting allows for.


1. OTT (Over the top)

Full-service, programmatic streaming video ad placements across any app, and any device in the home.

2. CTV (Connected TV)

Full-service, programmatic streaming video ad placements, specific to smart TV’s .

3. Streaming Audio

Full-service, programmatic streaming audio ad placements across any app, and any device in the home.

4. Display

Programmatic display ad placements across the web, delivered as standalone campaigns or as companion ads to OTT campaigns.

5. DOOH (Digital out of home)

Programmatic digital billboard placements across roadside, fitness clubs, airports, elevators, shopping malls are more.

Data Targeting & Audience Cultivation

Data Targeting &

Audience Cultivation

Awestruck Streaming’s identity targeting process relies on transparent household identification, and the ability to control cross-platform message frequency.

Inventory Acquisition

& Marketplace

We are fiercely independent, and our pursuit of your target audience extends to every app, website or digital content opportunity available on the open marketplace.

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Tools to Target and Analyze your Audience

The ongoing actions of your target audience matter. DataGenius allows for deeper insight into our prospects based on website activity and visits to physical locations.